We're just a couple of days from branching S2_5 02-May. My timezone is EEST
(UTC +3), and I'm about start the branching activities as soon as clock
hits 00:00 here. So for you in western Europe, let alone in Americas, it
will be still 01-May.

After the bracnhing we will have four active branches: S2_3, S2_4, S2_5 and
TRUNK. That's more thna we'd like to divide our attention to, but at the
same time we don't want to postpone branching further and letting even more
new features to get in to trunk then to be polished in stable branch
forever. Let's hope that time between S2_5 branching and 2.5.0 release is
not longer than the road from S2_4 to 2.4.0 has been.

I'll refresh all po-files under version control against latest strings
before the branching. One of the new features in 2.6 is inclusion of Alien
World ruleset ( http://www.cazfi.net/freeciv/alien/ ). Strings from the
ruleset will be added to trunk translation as soon as S2_5 has been safely
branched without the strings. I'll upload po-files with these strings to
http://www.cazfi.net/freeciv/translations/S2_6/ within 24 hours from the

Next milestone for 2.5 after branching will be datafile format and network
protocol freezes. We are not yet even planning the dates for these, but
please make any tickets that must go in before the freezes as dependency of
the relevant task-tickets, so once we start to plan the dates, we see what
needs to be done.

 - ML
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