On Tue, Apr 02, 2013 at 03:37PM +0300, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
> As it's 30 days to S2_5 branching, my take on new feature patches coming
> in will now on be that they get targeted to 2.6 unless:
> - It complements 2.5 feature (already committed or agreed about) OR
> - It's very low impact: almost trivial = not bugprone, not increasing
> requirements in a significant manner

    I have two features for which I have yet to publish patches that I'd like
to land sooner than later, as they block my local ruleset testing (and I would
prefer not to port them to 2.6 later if I can avoid it).  Beyond that, while
there are certainly interesting features to add, I'm happy to wait until much
later (as there's plenty more data entry, balancing, and graphics production
to do to make my ruleset work).

A) Allow constructed bases and roads in cities
    Currently, cities automatically get every road, and don't get (and
can't build) any bases.  This makes it very hard to model "Mine" as a
base (which I want because I want to use "Mining" for transformation),
and limits a few other things.

    This patch allows ruleset authors to define some bases to be automatic
in cities, some to be permitted to be constructed, and some to be denied
from construction.  The same automatic/permission/restriction structure
is also provided for roads.

    I'm just doing final testing on this, and ruleset adjustments for
shipping rulesets (to make sure it both doesn't work for them, and doesn't
cause any other behavioural difference), and expect to publish to GNA within
the next several hours.

B) Road compatibility
    Design finalisedi (see other thread): should be ready by Thursday at the
latest, but probably tomorrow.

    Would either of these need to wait for 2.6?


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