Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3808 (project freeciv):

The problem I'm trying to find answer with this patch relates to turn-based
nature of freeciv, not to combat abilities of the units. That is, autoattack
should not happen when it's still turn of the approaching unit.

You should consider the reason "autoattack" exist. I don't know if it's the
universal answer, but we (people I play with) have now enabled it to give
defender some protection against so called double-moves in our turn / day
games. We don't want to have any trust based rules to forbid double-moves as
that would slow down game even further (one couldn't play next turn
immediately if he was last one to finish previous turn and thus initiated turn
change). However, fast units should be able to both approach and attack within
their turn without being killed midway by autoattack.

Futher complication is that Fighters are completely useless against Bombers
without autoattack. Bomber would come and go and Fighter would just wait on
the airport for player's commands (and player is nowhere near his home, less
so his computer) Fighters should be able to autoattack approaching Bombers
regarless of how much moves Bomber has left.


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