Follow-up Comment #3, patch #3808 (project freeciv):

My apologies: I misunderstood the intent.  My concern is that I would like
autoattack to do *something*, even slow units autoattacking fast units.  Not
having autoattack happen mid-turn before the attacking unit actually attacks
improves the tactical flexibility (one no longer needs to send
defensively-oriented units to be attacked prior to calling in the cavalry, and
may more quickly (and safely) infiltrate territory with spies).  But in such a
case, auto-attack should happen at the start of the new turn or during turn
change, unless the faster unit has moved away during the original turn,
otherwise it becomes easy to use a fast unit to attack during one turn, and
then immediately retreat so that the autoattacking unit was unable to respond
(even manually) (or just attack many times, given movement from two turns in
which to do so, assuming enough is reserved to avoid the autoattack limit).

    In the Fighter/Bomber case, allowing fighters to always autoattack means
that bombers approaching cities with fighters would usually die. making
bombing runs very expensive.  Allowing autoattack only during turn change
means that Bombers could safely overfly (well, adjacent) defended areas or
safely drop their payloads, but having dropped bombs would be subject to
retaliation (quite possibly dying), making bombers useful again, although
perhaps still expensive against protected cities (as is the case in
no-autoattack games where players cannot double-move either by agreement or
use of phasemode to provide restrictions).

    With the current proposed implementation, it also significantly downgrades
the functional manueverability of IgTer units: while they could outpace
move_rate=2 units in many environments previously, and would sometimes be used
in an Attack Fast manner, the move count reckoning would imply they were tired
at 2/3 move, while in practice the unit has plenty of energy to go away if
they had not intended to attack, or complete an attack within their turn
rather than being used for siege.


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