Follow-up Comment #2, bug #20710 (project freeciv):

Heh, and I was trying to avoid recursive code (based on all the comments in
the existing code discussing recursion avoidance).  Your patch is a much
better solution.

For autosettlers, the issue is the perceived value of building a road: if they
have not been informed that building a road is required to build a maglev,
then they will not consider the benefits of building a maglev as potential
future benefits of building a road.  Depending on the precise effects
associated with maglev (or any road with recursive requirements), this may not
sufficiently elevate the value of building the basic road high enough for
autosettlers to consider it important.

The relevant logic is in the road_deps_iterate loop in
autosettlers.c:settler_evaluate_improvements().  Changing this to also use the
recursive loop would increase the perceived benefit of roads lower in the
dependency stack, causing autosettlers to build roads earlier/more often in
the event that top layers of the stack provide useful benefits.


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