Follow-up Comment #3, bug #20710 (project freeciv):

Thinking about this in more depth, I'm less certain it works quite as well as
I thought.  While informing autosettlers about maglev needing road seems to
make them make more roads, I think they do it for the wrong reasons: they are
looking at maglev+road, rather maglev+highway/railroad+road to determine the
time and benefits.  To do what I thought it should do would require using a
recursive iterator to set the total dep_time and dep_value for the full stack
of roads, which gets expensive (and probably repetitious).  For now, ruleset
authors with multistep roads should ensure that either the next road to be
built or the one after that has a tile bonus or expect that the road will only
be built for transportation purposes.

As much as I think there remains an autosettler bug (causing autosettlers to
prefer roads less than they should), that's a sufficiently different issue
that it's not worth conflating them (for all that testing my initial naive
solution happened to appear to work).


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