Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3719 (project freeciv):

Something I have seen done for other projects in the past is to distribute a
separate tarball with large assets used to generate graphics, textures,
sounds, etc. in the same distribution locations.  This has the advantage of
making it easily available to those who want it, but not forcing everyone to
use it.

The occasional practice in Debian of ensuring all sources are present as part
of the distributed tarball comes from being extra careful about the "preferred
form for modification" clause in the GPL.  Only by building the distributed
binaries from the modification sources can one be certain that the distributed
object code can be reliably reproduced from the modification sources (and
consequently that any recipient can easily/safely modify the result to match
their tastes) using the Debian system (this also acts as a test of any
dependent tools: for example, if blender were an essential part of the
workflow, it would be extra annoying for Debian users if the blender included
in a given release of Debian couldn't reprocess the graphics for some other
package in that release).  This definition of "source" is not hardened in
Debian policy, so that if freeciv declares that although these materials may
have been used as part of a generation process, that generation process was in
part manual, and the (smaller) graphics actually used by the game are the
preferred targets for modification, that would likely be honoured.  That said,
the same logic that drives this practice may apply in other environments.

Anyway, looking at data/graphics, we don't seem to have any build system
instructions that can produce the png files from the blend files, making me
think that the blend files aren't actually "source code", but rather
"materials" used by the artists in the construction of the "source code" png
files.  Mind you, that's only my opinion, but were I handling the release, I'd
probably only reference source control or *maybe* provide a tarball, but avoid
calling the blend files "source code" as much as possible.  Alternately, if
they are already considered "source code", there should be automake hints that
allow one to regenerate the graphics files from the blend files, and then they
should definitely be in the tarball.


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