Follow-up Comment #6, patch #3719 (project freeciv):

I've let this slide for 2.4.0-RC1, but we should do something about it for

How hard would it be to drop a suitable tarball out of "make dist"? It's
generally a good idea to avoid manual steps in release processes.

Since downstreams such as Debian may wish to assemble comprehensive source
tarballs, I think the "graphics" tarball should have the same path structure
as the regular source tarball (i.e., paths should be
freeciv-2.4.0/data/graphics/...) so that it's unambiguous how to correctly
reassemble them.

We'll need to modify the docs that go in the regular tarball to point out the
existence of this extra one (and what it's for).

(I'm not really looking forward to uploading another huge tarball every
release, since my Internet connection is made of damp string and that's. But
that's my problem, really.)


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