Follow-up Comment #21, bug #16383 (project freeciv):

"%s cannot move road diagonally" doesn't parse for me (seems to imply the road
is being moved, rather than the unit).  How about "%s cannot move diagonally
on available roads."  It would be nice to know *which* road was cardinal or
relaxed+disconnected for this notice, but that gets unpleasant to read in the
presence of several cardinal or relaxed+disconnected roads the unit might have

For reduction of text, could the tile_virtual_destroy() call be moved outside
the if (!can_exist_at_tile()) conditional, or does it need to have been
destroyed prior to the road iteration?  In terms of program flow, it makes no
difference aside from call ordering, but if we ever wanted to change things,
it means more lines to edit to change the call.


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