Follow-up Comment #22, bug #16383 (project freeciv):

While working on patch #3886, I realised this also needs adjustments for
pathfinding, so that AI Triremes don't consider the river-path through the
continent the best possible route only to become confused when unable to
actually make a given move.  While updating this patch to address that (by
adding much of the same logic into tile_move_cost_ptrs()), I understood why
there are two calls to tile_virtual_destroy(): my apologies for the extraneous

Attached is a (somewhat ugly) patch including minor adjustments to
CardinalRiverMoveRestrictions-2.patch to better support pathfinding as well as
the string change suggested in my last comment.  Given the duplication of
logic, it might be nice to define can_class_exist_at_tile() (to be used by
can_exist_at_tile()), and possibly wrap the vtile create/clear roads/test
nativity/destroy logic in another helper function: neither is addressed in my
patch for clearer comparison to the prior version (although git notations seem
not to have helped here).

(file #17854)

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