On 4/30/13, Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik <sveinun...@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> A source
> tarball containing the source code of Freeciv and the source code of
> my system is coming. I just want to fix some issues I imagine may
> scare testers away for good first. After it is uploaded fixing the 2.4
> issues will hopefully make it accessible to those that don't want to
> compile Freeciv them self.
I just made it more accessible. Not because the scary stuff is fixed. It
still is hard to use. It still has scary exceptions when stuff exited in an
OK way. Replaying many connections at once (network games or reconnect)
still is something I wouldn't try. The reason I did it is to report a bug
in the Freeciv server.

More accessible versions:
 * A compiled version of the recording/playback part my system built for
Freeciv trunk SVN revision 22818 can be found at
have to download and compile Freeciv trunk SVN revision 22818 your
self. (The Freeciv source code it contains is to comply with the GPL
without having to give out a long term source offer)
 * The source code of my system and Freeciv trunk SVN revision 22818 can be
found at
system is in the Java folder. Follow the instructions in Java/INSTALL
compile my system and the instructions in INSTALL to compile Freeciv.
 * The source code of my system alone can be found at
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