Follow-up Comment #4, bug #20886 (project freeciv):

- One should be able to build fortress at least when in war. It's not uncommon
for me to build fortress as beachhead to enemy island (preferably to spot
enemy cannot see even if it's within borders) for no-stack-death especially.
Then I can ship attackers there as much as I want (= as long as I want with
limited transport capacity).

- I don't think comment #3 makes sense when this is about preventing building
fortress to peaceful nation - how do you "prevent" (without killing the
builder) peaceful player from building the base

Then again, maybe building the fortress should be always allowed, but the
change is made to who owns the fortress in the end. Maybe fortress should be
considered owned by the border owner by default, and then same rules applied
as when unit enters empty fortress - you can take enemy fortress but not
allied (you shouldn't be able to take peaceful fortress, but I'm not sure if
anybody has ever considered that case in implementation) For one, that would
allow one to help allies by building fortresses (not so far-fetched idea in
our slow-research games where ally may be far from learning Construction while
I already have it and want to stop common enemy)


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