Follow-up Comment #4, patch #4104 (project freeciv):

Sigh, missed some bits:
* Re UI/state: since the notion of risk of warming/cooling must remain
hardcoded, the state for that should probably remain in the server and be
accessed from Lua via get()/set() methods. But the intermediate variables in
the calculation can move out of the server into Lua.
* Re configurability: currently we have server settings 'globalwarming' and
'nuclearwinter'. Lua script can access those, and since these notions remain
hardcoded that's probably sufficient here, but for other features the question
of how a server operator similarly controls them arises. They can use '/lua
cmd feature=0', which exposes the detail that a thing's implemented in Lua
(and we need to ensure it works correctly in a .serv file). Otherwise we could
invent some way for scripts to register operator-tweakable settings via init
hooks, or just a name/value dictionary exposed to Lua.


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