Follow-up Comment #3, patch #4190 (project freeciv):

We might need to think about how to minimise disruption to the workflow of
those translators who are happy to keep up with all nations.
(But maybe I'm over-engineering this, so I welcome feedback from translators
about whether they care, as it is extra work for us :)

In particular, splitting by source file means there's a small set of strings
that will be duplicated: leader titles. I haven't checked how many that'll be,
but I'm sure there'll be some.
* When we developers "make update-po" for release, I think we should
canonicalise by propagating any duplicates by using each po-file as a
compendium for the other (or something like that), so if "Speaker %s" is
translated in one but not the other it'll end up in both (and conflicts will
hopefully be spotted).
* Translators who choose to work with two separate po-files can make their own
arrangements to spot duplicates.
* I think we should consider continuing to support translators working with a
single po-file (but would welcome feedback from translators if they care about
this, since it's a bit of work for us). We could arrange that
automatically-generated combined po-files end up on, and when we
receive a combined po-file we can split it back into individual translations
for commit.

In fact... if we were to go to that effort, we could equally well keep the
combined files in svn as the canonical po-files (there's no technical need for
separate catalogues to end up in binary packages, after all), and do the
splitting at the translator interface: offer split po-files at, post
stats on split files, etc.
(The notion of splitting would still need to be reflected in our automake
infrastructure to some extent, for bug #19087 if nothing else.)

> Changing what nations belong to core group later (when actively 
> maintained translation is already in split form) will probably 
> be painful.
Patch #3448 (which I am still slowly picking away and and hope to get in 2.5)
will also make it painful, as assumptions about which nations are part of the
"core" group will end up embedded in save files and cause disruption if a
nation is removed from "core" and an old savefile is loaded with
nationset="core" but mentioning the old nation.

> Added freeciv-i18n to cc of this ticket.
I don't think that'll work, sadly, as the From: line of emails from Gna is not
a list member. (I don't see comment #2 on -i18n, anyway.)


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