Follow-up Comment #6, patch #4190 (project freeciv):

I see two ways to implement how nations related translations get fetched from
correct domain.

1) Have nation ruleset to say which domain it belongs to. That's more work to
setup initially (adding the definition to all, or at least those with
non-default value, nation rulesets), and maybe somewhat ugly in respect to
custom rulesets with their own nations - what domain they should define? On
the plus side, that's certainly unambiguous, and better performance wise.
Also, the ability to define domain of their own for custom ruleset could turn
from disadvantage to a feature with a bit more work to support localization of
the custom rulesets.

2) Try to fetch translation from one domain (presumably from extended nations
domain as it has more nations). Compare string returned by gettext to the
original. If they are identical, consider string untranslated on that domain,
and fetch the translation from the other domain. Sometimes (often, in case of
lacking translations) fetching string from two domains means performance hit.
If there's same string translated in both domains (once for core nations, and
once for extended set) translation being used depends on which domain
translation is fetched from first. On the plus side this would be automatic,
and not require extra maintenance for nation rulesets.



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