Follow-up Comment #6, bug #19589 (project freeciv):

...The bulb production of a city would be used first to tech the known
technologies to their citizens (tech upkeep), and only the surplus will be
used to learn new technologies based on those techs (research).

In the current system, every city, no matter how primitive, can start
contributing to advanced projects like nuclear power. I see it more realistic
that a city without libraries/universities (or low trade) may be useless to
create new knowledge when the civilization is advanced (high tech upkeep). 

About the loss of a technology. As I see it, if your education system
(scientists, libraries, universities... ) is not good enough to educate
technicians/scientist that knows how to use this technology, then you can not
use it, even if the information is not totally lost. I think this is what use
to happen in real history.


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