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Follow-up Comment #8:

Untested patches to implement new tech upkeep style "Cities" with formula:
<Cost of all Techs researched> / tech_upkeep_divider * ( 1 + number_of_cities)
- (number_of_cities * Tech_Upkeep_Free)

tech_upkeep_style specenum introduced and used for this. A lot of places were
checking if style is *exactly* 1 (now called "Basic") when they were supposed
to check if tech upkeep is enabled at all (not a bug in stable branches, as 1
is the only style where it's enabled)

doc/README.effects updated for how Tech_Upkeep_Free effect works for each tech
upkeep style.

Comments in rulesets were wrong in that the formula presented there *added*
Free_Tech_Upkeep to upkeep instead of subtracting. That should be corrected in
stable branches too, but I'll do that in separate ticket for keeping stable
branches out of "Planned Release" list of this "New tech upkeep style" ticket.

(file #19755, file #19756)

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