David Lowe writes:
> Well, i finally moved to OSX 10.8 about the time i built freeciv 2.4.
> Previously, the OS would ask once [after the first time the binary was
> run] whether to allow/deny the connection.  Whatever answer was chosen
> would be 'remembered' until the binary was rebuilt.  The new version
> of OSX doesn't 'remember' any more, and keeps asking.  Every.  Time.
> What's particularly annoying about this is that it pops up every time
> i click on the "Load Saved Game" button.  Presumably this is triggered
> by freeciv initializing a socket or something.  My question is, can we
> avoid re-initializing it repeatedly for solo games?

Unfortunately for you, we spawn a fresh server every time we load a game
/ start a scenario / etc -- we tell it what game to load (etc) via
command-line arguments. Of course the listening socket isn't opened
until a server is started, and is closed with that server process.

For almost all purposes this is simpler and more robust than trying to
keep a spawned server hanging around and repurposing it for different
uses by the client. I don't think it would be worth trying to switch to
doing things that way just for this purpose.

You might have hoped that with the move to 2.4, OS X's firewall would
have become *less* fussy, since locally spawned servers should now only
listen on the localhost interface <http://gna.org/bugs/?18530>. Perhaps
it has unexpectedly become more fussy as a result of this change in
Freeciv -- which behaviour does 2.3 on 10.8 have, if it's easy to test?

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