Follow-up Comment #2, bug #21526 (project freeciv):

Either we do nothing but document to release process that MOCCMD must be
passed, or we add new configure option to be used in a tree where one does
'make dist'. That option (--enable-dist-build?) would check also things that
one needs not to check/set normally, such as MOCCMD even if Qt-programs are
not configured to be built (Actually one should not need MOCCMD even when
building Qt-programs, if building from tarball already containing meta-files,
but I don't propose changing that now).

This brings up the issue of the requirement of Qt5 moc when doing 'make dist'
in S2_5 or TRUNK. Will jtn have Qt5 by the time 2.5.0-beta1 is about to be
released, or do we need to divide the release process so that I (or someone
else) does the 'make dist' part?

S2_4 simply uses 'moc'. In theory that might be Qt5's moc in the release
manager's system, producing unusable meta-files to tarball. That's not a big
concern, though. Qt-client in S2_4 is useless, there's risk of moc of
maintainer being incompatible with Qt of someone building freeciv even within
major version, recommended Qt installation makes plain 'moc' Qt4 one. If that
still is an concern, we should port MOCCMD to S2_4, but require Qt4 moc
instead of Qt5 moc there.


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