Follow-up Comment #4, bug #21526 (project freeciv):

Resolution might be as easy as listing meta files as BUILT_SOURCES so automake
doesn't need to build them to tarball.

This is also best solution for tarball users.
1) Qt development packages contain moc, and we already require it by configure
check, so catering for "user has Qt headers and libraris, but no moc" -case is
very low priority
2) When ever there's a minor (even patch version) update to Qt in my system,
all meta files generated by old moc are considered incompatible. As no make
target triggers, nor could trigger, rebuild in this case, I have to manually
clean old meta files away. If we ship those files in tarball, anybody with
slightly different Qt version from what was used in preparing the tarball
would not benefit from the files, but would need to make extra hops to clean
them away (once figured/googled out what needs to be done)

I'll be test this approach.


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