Follow-up Comment #6, bug #21526 (project freeciv):

> Could jtn test that this works also in his system as expected 
> (at least with S2_5)

I'm guessing slightly at what I'm looking for here...

* If configured without any Qt program enabled, build shouldn't fall over just
because MOCCMD isn't set
** I reproduced the original problem of this bug in a clean 2.5 checkout and
default configure options without this patch
** After applying this patch (file #19844) and retrying the experiment, "make
dist" completed and produced a plausible tarball
* If configured with Qt, resulting "make dist" tarball shouldn't contain any
** With this patch + my current wobbly pile of local Qt4 patches +
"./configure --enable-client=qt --enable-fcmp=qt", the resulting tarball
didn't contain any meta_* files (it had the same files as the tarball from the
previous test)

(Only tested S2_5.)


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