Follow-up Comment #3, bug #21526 (project freeciv):

> This brings up the issue of the requirement of Qt5 moc when 
> doing 'make dist' in S2_5 or TRUNK. Will jtn have Qt5 by the 
> time 2.5.0-beta1 is about to be released, or do we need to 
> divide the release process so that I (or someone else) does 
> the 'make dist' part?
Oh gosh, I hadn't thought of that.
As it happens, I plan to upgrade my main development machine to Ubuntu 14.04
LTS sometime after it's released (if it's not utterly disastrous), which
should get me more modern libraries.
I don't want to put yet more barriers to 2.5.0-beta1 though. If it comes to it
I can build the distribution tarball in a VM or something, I suppose.

> S2_4 simply uses 'moc'. In theory that might be Qt5's moc in 
> the release manager's system, producing unusable meta-files to 
> tarball [...] If that still is an concern, we should port 
> MOCCMD to S2_4, but require Qt4 moc instead of Qt5 moc there.
Once I upgrade, we should either do that, or remove apparent ability to build
Qt client from the shipping configure (if you really want S2_4 Qt you have to
rerun or build from svn or something).


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