Edgaras Šeputis wrote on Jan 18, 13:30 (+0100):

> I find it very annoying how accidentaly or not your early settlers can be
> pined down by exploerer. I see no reason why workers, settlers and exploerers
> should have ZoC, but nether any reason why they should ignore it when it comes
> from military units. Any way even if it's not in default ruleset such options
> should definetly be made availabe.

I thnik of an explorer or diplomat as an agile, small (single) unit which is
used and trained to move in its environement mostly unseen, avoiding contact
and ready for escape.

This complies with "does not respect ZoC of others". Indeed, they would be
rather unable to their job if they did.

For the complement, "arise ZoC", you have some point. But then, ZoC ist
all-common for land units and represent terrain control.

With the newer borders implementation, this may have changed. ZoC outside of
your nations territory is for military control. Workers, settlers, explorers
and the like must be protected or are on their own. Since terrain work
supports the winning team, it makes sense not to kill them. If they arise
ZoC, it can be necessary to have them out of the way.

Special case of "respect no Zoc" is the ability to punctuate enemy's ZoC by
following your explorers with military units on the step. I find no
good reason for this ATM.


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