Follow-up Comment #8, bug #21703 (project freeciv):

> > Even if I change it back to Library, I won't get 22 stones 
> > back. 

> I'm wondering if loading the "changed_from" target from a savefile (or maybe
sending it over the network?) is going wrong, possibly in a platform-dependent
> I think this would explain all symptoms: if it thinks the production at the
start of the turn was something other than a building, changing from Library
to Temple will make it notice, and changing back to Library will not help.

OK. I changed to Palace, since no wonder is available (Palace counts as wonder
in this respect?) and the penalty goes away, stones are stored back. The
production of other cities behave "normal". Meaning? The player might very
well have built wonders (say Colossus) before he switched to libraries. He
built a lot of them. So, the server switched from colossus to library but
didn't apply the penalty. But you say, it didn't switch, it only thinks it has
(from wonder class) and keeps (?) the penalty if you change further on
(sending the reduced shields to the client now), right?

Savegame doesn't support this. The (only) 4 cities affected have all built
libraries before. 3 cities (not affected) have switched from wonder to
barracks. Switching them to Palace give them no stones back. But then, city
production is higher then shields, so they wouldn't have suffered from a
penalty. Is there a penalty, when switching from a wonder witch is no longer


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