Follow-up Comment #2, bug #21774 (project freeciv):

Questions for the OP:

I'm guessing you're moving units by left-click-dragging them (you have
"keyboardless goto" enabled)?

Did you intentionally set any waypoints for your goto? (You can do this by
e.g. pressing "G" while holding down the left button.)

Do you remember if your submarine that moved was damaged?

A savegame would indeed be helpful at this point.


My *complete guess* at a plausible sequence of events, filling in the gaps in
the backtrace (not checked this against disassembly:

*butt_down_mapcanvas() mapctrl.c:278 ("Plain LMB click")
action_button_pressed() mapctrl_common.c:551
*do_map_click() control.c:2231
do_unit_goto() control.c:2453
*send_goto_route() goto.c:1237
send_goto_path() goto.c:1048

with the assertion failure occurring a little before the crash, when
pft_concat() is called from send_goto_route().


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