Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4636 (project freeciv):

I have been playing a whole game with these rules and S2_5, and I have liked
it a lot. I think with these fixes the ruleset is ready for an open release.

The improvements to AI in v2.5 are very noticeable, I found it much more
challenging than v2.4, even when the latest changes introduced in this ruleset
makes it harder for the AI: mainly the upkeep costs of non mil units, the food
cost of mil units, the increased effect of military unhappiness, the tech
upkeep, etc.

Once removed the "OneAttack" flag from the land units, the combat rules will
be practically the same than the version used in current online greatturn
The main difference is that they use doubled movement, the pre-fortress, and
there is no "forced move when you attack", but this is a server setting that
can be easely disabled, and I think people will like it if they give it a try.


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