Follow-up Comment #6, patch #4649 (project freeciv):

In the current code, the bodyguard checks to see if the charge went somewhere,
and then chases it if it did: if the bodyguard can't keep up, then the
(typically oblivious) charge would just head off into danger unsupervised
(barbarian leaders are a special exception to this).

For the more general case, it probably makes sense to put something in
server/advisors/ that handles the bodyguard / flagship / etc. case.  Porting
the AI code to use this shouldn't be terrible.  Would need UI support to pass
orders specifying "follow that unit".  I think this handles most of the cases
where a player would want to have groups move together, and avoids needing to
gate on move_rate: it may be that a player doesn't mind if units become
separated on the path, as long as everyone gets to the same place at the end,
but if the player does care, just set the group leader to be the slowest

My thought is that this ticket is mostly about having the AI select the right
type of unit to use as a bodyguard, and that we probably want a new patch to
capture a generic bodyguard/flagship/etc. advisor.


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