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Follow-up Comment #8:

As it turns out, most of the information for detecting whether a charge is
suitable depends on the individual unit at the specific turn in the game (so
probably not worth caching, as the effort to cache this for all units likely
exceeds the effort required to calculate for the few units considered as
possible charges).

The attached patch caches whether a given unit class is native to a strict
subset of the terrains and extras native to another unit class (widely
available, so of potential interest to someone doing client-side follow-me
routines), and caches whether a given unit type is a member of a subset-moving
class and has a fuel situation compatible with following: this is in AI data
(so would need to be exposed (e.g. to server/advisors) if interesting

I'm not terribly happy about adding 92 lines to remove only 8 (this is the
opposite direction to my preference), but this should result in both faster
and more accurate calculation of whether one unit class may usefully guard

For ease of tracking references, the request for generic follow-that-unit
functionality caused the creation of patch #4659 : some of the infrastructure
in this patch may be useful for that as well.

(file #21124)

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