Follow-up Comment #11, bug #21851 (project freeciv):

bardo writes [Kubuntu 13.10]:
> When I monitor the memory usage (Kinfocenter), the free 
> memory clearly decreases when I open a city window [...]
> However, the memory used by freeciv, as reported by the 
> process monitor, remains the same.

whereas jorneg writes [Ubuntu 12.04 Unity?]:
> To see the problem I use the system monitor of gnome. Every 
> time you open a city window the overall memory of the 
> process freeciv-gtk2 increases... 

Taken at face value, these seem to be two different symptoms, unless the two
process monitors are reporting different measures of process memory usage.

In bardo's case, I wonder if the leak is somewhere like the X server -- could
we be causing images/textures to leak within the X server? Can you spot any
other process' memory usage increasing?

(jorneg writes: "You continue to have the same problem with Ubuntu 12.04" ...
do you mean that you, jorneg, have the same problem?)


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