Follow-up Comment #2, bug #22050 (project freeciv):

On questions, I have some opinions, as follows:

1a) For interface simplicity, it makes sense to me that only top-level
transporters can be used as a load target, especially as the user has no way
to indicate into which transporter a unit should be loaded.  Using the
external transport also makes narrative sense: it might be hard to load a tank
only a boat already placed in a helicopter cargo net.

1b) There's no interface rationale to restrict unloading to the outermost
transport, but it gains the same narrative support as 1a above.  That said,
this should be enforced
at the client interaction level, as otherwise things get very odd (e.g.
alliance ends, with loaded tank in boat in helicopter cargo net: should the
tank not be bounced?).

2) While the intent (mentioned in the comment in unit_transport_check()) makes
sense, I think this is actively annoying.  For example consider the
possiblility of a missle-carrying mech.inf. being loaded into a cargo plane,
which then wants to land on a carrier: should this only be permitted if there
are no missiles currently loaded?  A more sensible check should probably be
just to ensure that none of the containing transports are of the unit type of
the unit to be transported.

3) I think this is correct, to support the same scenario of the
missile-carrying Mech. Inf. in a cargo plane on a carrier: the carrier can
carry the same number of planes, whether they have units loaded, and the plane
doesn't care if the Mech. Inf. happens to have missiles loaded.  It is up to
ruleset authors to ensure that the capacities of various transport are
narratively sensible.  That said, I'm not sure that all units are the same
size: it might be interesting to declare, for example, that the aforementioned
plane can take 1 Mech. Inf. or 4 Paratroopers (although this depends on the
narrative for the units: if 1 "Paratrooper Unit" actually represents a group
of 15-20 effectives, whereas the Mech. Inf. is 6 effectives who can all fit
inside the vehicle, they may require similar space), but this is probably a
separate feature (units would have a size parameter, which would indicate how
many cargo slots they occupied).


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