Follow-up Comment #2, bug #22171 (project freeciv):

Once helptext_unit() is fixed for the new interpretation, in many rulesets,
Settlers etc will gain a lot of unhelpful blather in their helptext:

* May acquire veteran status.
  * Veterans have increased strength in combat.
  * Veterans work faster.

This is because the game engine doesn't know that there's no way for the unit
to acquire it in practice (all the Veteran_Build effects that might apply have
a NoVeteran nreq). What's said is true if there were any way round that.

To fix this, Settlers etc would have to be given their own veteran system with
one level (which triggers suppression in the help).
This causes a slight wrinkle on released branches: bug #22172 means that if
you move from an old ruleset to a new ruleset with an old server throughout,
and there are savegames with veteran Settlers, then trouble can ensue.
Of course for our rulesets there should be no such savegames, and our rulesets
are likely to be upgraded in step with the server. So I think we could go
ahead and do all this on S2_4.


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