Follow-up Comment #5, bug #22171 (project freeciv):

> Settlers: At least some rulesets allow settlers veterancy 
> through work (% chance / working turn) - at some point that 
> was true for default ruleset, so there is savegames where 
> Workers are veteran.
I know the classic ruleset has had work_raise_chance set in the past, but has
it ever been the case that it's had that and any units that weren't NoVeteran?
If not, we won't have any veteran workers in savegames via that route.

> civ1/civ2 diplomats: I think the only incompatibility to 
> mimicked games in your description is that you don't mention 
> civ1 Communism to produce them veteran even if barracks do not
Did Civ1 do that? Our civ1 ruleset does not. Should it?
I couldn't find mention of veteran communist diplomats in this copy of the
manual <>, nor in the help
for this online version of DOS Civ1
<>. I didn't play long enough to
test it out.

However, it sounds like I need to at least add custom veteran systems to the
civ1/civ2 diplomats/spies to reduce the effect of veterancy to what it used to
be in Freeciv pre 2.4 (no idea if that's accurate).

Otherwise, it sounds like you're happy with veteran settlers/planes etc in


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