Follow-up Comment #4, bug #22787 (project freeciv):

I have managed to make this work for the first time.

I started freeciv in the Raleigh theme by adding the line gtk-theme-name =
Raleigh into settings.ini

Again freeciv wrongly claims that we are in the freeciv theme. But I have
added a copy of the freeciv theme to sharethemesxFreecivgtk-3.0

I called it xfreeciv to distinguish it from the same folder in

Now the freeciv gui gives me the option to swap from freeciv theme to
xfreeciv. This works and I actually swapped from Raleigh to freeciv.

It seems the only thing wrong with the freeciv code (apart from not knowing
which theme it is actually in) is that it is looking in the wrong place for
the themes.


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