Follow-up Comment #11, bug #22787 (project freeciv):

A strange argument. I continue it to add a useful link to a portable gtk theme
switcher for windows.

> The file settings.ini in the freeciv folder is not system-wide.

>All the programs using gtk you have in that directory hierarchy, use that
settings.ini, not just freeciv.  

Yes this is true. Both the freeciv client and the freeciv modpack in the same
freeciv folder use the same gtk. The one that is in that folder. There are no
other programs using gtk in the freeciv folder. Until now. But it is a fact
that another gtk program installed in that folder will use the same
settings.ini not just freeciv.

I have added an additional program into the freeciv folder 
gtk2_prefs.exe  from

So now there are 3 programs using gtk in this directory hierarchy. If you look
at the attached screenshot you will see a list of themes I can choose from in
this directory. These themes are all installed in this folder tree.

I have other versions of freeciv installed in different folders with different
versions of gtk and different themes. There is no overlap.

(file #22646)

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