as some of you know I spent some time fixing various bugs in FreeCOM.
We've had the awkward situation of still having an old 2006 version in
distributions but the newer versions had too many bugs (e.g. loadhigh,
ren "myfile myfile.txt", strange dir output depending on the country
setting). However the newer versions support LFNs much better.

So for testing I uploaded a new prerelease on github:

There are three non-UPXed xms-swap command.com's in the binary zip,
one compiled with Turbo C++ 1.01 (as the older version were), one
cross-compiled with OW 1.9 and one cross-compiled with ia16-elf-gcc.
Please test and let me know how stable they are in your testing.

As a bonus for the XMS swap version the resident footprint has been
reduced from 3008 bytes (old Turbo C version) to 2304 bytes (new OW


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