Hi Matej,

> 1. When loading SRDXMS.SYS (with only SHELLHIGH=COMMANDW.COM and
> DEVICE=JEMMEX.EXE processed at that point), the driver loads, the kernel
> prints "Kernel: allocated 48 Diskbuffers = 25536 Bytes in HMA", then
> right after that I see "Not enough memory" ...

Are you sure that this does not happen with older FreeCOM?

You often get weird memory problems around the time when
DOS starts using the HMA and other drivers or the shell
start using XMS and/or UMB, because this is the moment
when it becomes important that they really work stable.

> I think this is still an improvement compared to the previous version
> (if compiled with OW), but the Turbo C++ version does not have any of
> these problems.

Please explain :-)

Regards, Eric

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