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Hi Matej,

1. When loading SRDXMS.SYS (with only SHELLHIGH=COMMANDW.COM and
DEVICE=JEMMEX.EXE processed at that point), the driver loads, the kernel
prints "Kernel: allocated 48 Diskbuffers = 25536 Bytes in HMA", then
right after that I see "Not enough memory" ...

Are you sure that this does not happen with older FreeCOM?


I think this is still an improvement compared to the previous version
(if compiled with OW), but the Turbo C++ version does not have any of
these problems.

Please explain :-)

What I meant is that 0.84-pre2 was even more unstable when compiled with OW (I remember getting "MCB chain is corrupt" errors when using LOADHIGH). 0.84-pre3 is better, but OW support is still lagging behind Turbo C++ in any case.

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