I found these bugs in the OW version so far:

1. When loading SRDXMS.SYS (with only SHELLHIGH=COMMANDW.COM and DEVICE=JEMMEX.EXE processed at that point), the driver loads, the kernel prints "Kernel: allocated 48 Diskbuffers = 25536 Bytes in HMA", then right after that I see "Not enough memory" (not sure what prints that), and FreeCOM prints "The shell is about to be terminated, though, this is forbidden", etc., and hangs. Loading the same driver with DEVLOAD from FDAUTO.BAT works fine.

2. Sometimes, after loading some TSRs from FDAUTO.BAT (e.g. Bret Johnson's CLOCK), FreeCOM hangs, though I can't reliably reproduce that and loading the same TSRs manually works fine.

3. With the DIRCMD environment variable set to "/OGN/LFN" (possibly with other options), FreeCOM prints "Out of memory" instead of the expected long file names - but "/LFN" by itself works fine.

I think this is still an improvement compared to the previous version (if compiled with OW), but the Turbo C++ version does not have any of these problems.

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