> IDLEHALT=1 works for my machines and reduces the CPU load under
> VirtualBox to nearly zero at the command prompt.


  FDAPM whatever

should be REMified.

OTOH this seems to be a problem between FDAPM,
VirtualBOX and Watcom Installer. Whoever wants to develop ON FreeDOS

>> Am 17.03.2023 um 15:25 schrieb jer...@shidel.net:
>> On a side note… Why run the watcom installer at all? Installing the FreeDOS 
>> WATCOMC 1.9 package through FDIMPLES, even with FDAPM and DOSLFN loaded 
>> takes about 1 minute inside VirtualBox. We could most likely just provide a 
>> WATCOM2C package and avoid the whole issue completely. 

> If v2 is packaged would it be possible to continue shipping the 1.9
> branch in parallel?


Anyone who hasn't installed watcom so far won't be able to answer this

and anyone able to answer this question will be able to download the
other version.

and, of course, developing ON FreeDOS is self flaggelation ...

> My impression is that the v2 fork focusses on
> adding new stuff: Linux support, 64-bit and so forth… And from time
> to time they seem to break older stuff. I at least under Win9x encountered 
> some regressions.

in that case: WHAT REGRESSIONS?


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