Hi Jerome,

> At present, the RBE is not setup to include 2 branches from the same GitLab 
> project. 
> It would require a separate GitLab project (with a different name, like 
> watcomv2). I think having two different watcom C packages could cause user 
> confusion on which one to install. It would also take up a lot of space on 
> the OS install media. I think it would probably be better to wait for v2 to 
> produce a stable release and then upgrade our 1.9 package to v2.

If I may make a wish I would prefer to stay at 1.9 :-)

There is also a sign of life on the original Open Watcom site 
http://openwatcom.org, stating that they will continue working on the 1.9 
branch. But considering their history…

See you in a few hours

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