Hi Bernd,

> On Mar 17, 2023, at 2:12 PM, Bernd Boeckmann via Freedos-devel 
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> IDLEHALT=1 works for my machines and reduces the CPU load under VirtualBox to 
> nearly zero at the command prompt.
>> Am 17.03.2023 um 15:25 schrieb jer...@shidel.net:
>> On a side note… Why run the watcom installer at all? Installing the FreeDOS 
>> WATCOMC 1.9 package through FDIMPLES, even with FDAPM and DOSLFN loaded 
>> takes about 1 minute inside VirtualBox. We could most likely just provide a 
>> WATCOM2C package and avoid the whole issue completely. 
> Yes, was only for testing purposes :-) 
> If v2 is packaged would it be possible to continue shipping the 1.9 branch in 
> parallel? My impression is that the v2 fork focusses on adding new stuff: 
> Linux support, 64-bit and so forth… And from time to time they seem to break 
> older stuff. I at least under Win9x encountered some regressions.
> Greetings, Bernd

At present, the RBE is not setup to include 2 branches from the same GitLab 

It would require a separate GitLab project (with a different name, like 
watcomv2). I think having two different watcom C packages could cause user 
confusion on which one to install. It would also take up a lot of space on the 
OS install media. I think it would probably be better to wait for v2 to produce 
a stable release and then upgrade our 1.9 package to v2.

But, I don’t use watcom. So, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe having both would be 
better. Or, possibly include 1.9 with the release and have v2 available on the 
download repo.



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