> Tom's suggestion of using IDLEHALT is most likely the best solution.
> As you suggest, Using IDLEHALT for VM's and FDAPM for real
> hardware on installed systems will be easy to do.
> Since such decisions cannot be made automatically during boot in the
> CONFIG at present, probably just switch to using IDLEHALT on the
> LiveCD as well.

Just a couple of ideas from some things I've been working on.  One is that with 
my ISLOADED program I can now detect about 25 different specific VMs and also 
have a set of tests that can detect the presence of a "generic" VM without 
specifically being able to identify which one it is.  The program is not yet 
"ready for prime time", but I will send the code and current version of the 
program to anyone who wants it.  It might come in handy for the FreeDOS install 

I also have another program called BATTSAVE which I think is sort of 
"in-between" what IDELHALT does and what FDAPM does and it may work better than 
either for the specific problem you're trying to fix.  It's "not ready for 
prime time" either, but I can send it to anyone who wants it.  I developed it 
mainly for use when I am traveling and using my laptop and need the battery to 
last longer when I'm using DOS.

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