> Most FreeDOS kernels released so far were UPX'ed and not un-UPX'able.
> The kernel "almost-2040" included on 1.1test3 CD distro is NOT UPX'ed.
> Problem: with UPX'ed kernel, you can't check the version without
> booting the kernel.
> Suggestion: at the beginning or end of the file, add a string allowing to
> identify the kernel with compile date and other crucial info:
> "K2040D2011-07-31C32F16B"
> "K2041D2011-08-31C16F28W"
> C is CPU (16 aka 8086 or 32 AKA 80386)
> F is FAT (16 or 28)
> W and B are compilers (or is Boreland now dead ?).


Extend that CONFIG area at the beginning of the file, that's left
uncompressed anyway.

Providing the build and version information on an exclusive API for the
currently running kernel would be useful too. Currently, there's a string
with some 21.33Fx (.33FD ?) API, but that's just a string (difficult to
parse; format changes happen), and then, 21.3000 returns the (low byte of
the?) version number in cx or bx or somewhere, but that's unreliable
because 21.30 is often intercepted and modified by version faking

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