> This encoding only needs FOUR bytes (1 byte, 1 word and
> some bits) to encode a machine readable binary form

Less bad than nothing but I indeed meant
something human redable ;-

> I think we should not try to put a version string in the
> config area which would be visible in a text editor

Why ??? It's not a good idea to EDIT the kernel in a text
editor, but the version string should be readable in a text viewer.

I really prefer file types having a human redable text in their
Sigi (PNG, GIF, OGG, RAR, ELF) from those having nothing
or just some bullshit (MP0, MP5, PCX, DOS COM,
MKV/Matroska/Webm...) consisting mostly of ZERO's
or nonprintable stuff.

You saved 19 Byte's (wow!) ... but removing support for
COUNTRY.SYS (deprecating the "Americal way of Life"
and "Deutschland uber Alles" myths) would probably
save much more :-)

I also get upset on files full of visible strings, one of them being:
"My INSANELY COOL TOOL version %d.%d.%d.%d",
especially if the bugged stuff doesn't run so I can't do
"ICT --version" :-(

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