On 17-11-2015 05:36, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
A TSR redirector would be great for assigning an EXT3 drive to a drive
>letter for standard I/O operations.  However a kernel driver would
>allow freeDOS to boot and run from an EXT3 journaling partition, I can
>only imagine that the benefits from this would be huge.
You can do this anyway by using an auxiliary bootloader, e.g. Syslinux
or Grub.  The idea is that you load the basic DOS into a ramdisk from
the bootloader (e.g. via memdisk) and then you can load your TSR.

What*might*  be useful could be a way to have some way for the FreeDOS
kernel to natively boot from a ramdisk in high memory, or at least have
a way to not have the ramdisk become drive A or C.
You are right. that's the most logical thing to do in DOS. And even better if, as you say, ramdisk becomes some drive letter other than A ou C.


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