On 01/13/16 08:33, Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi HPA and Joao,
> support for EXT3 in the kernel would indeed be large/complex.
> Only supporting EXT3 READS already would take circa 10 kB of
> code, taking the size of the EXT2/3/4 GRUB module as example.
> I like MEMDISK bootable ramdisk style: MEMDISK can be booted
> by boot loaders which are able to boot Linux, and it can use
> any diskimage accessible by such boot loaders, including an
> image on EXT3 disks. Boot loaders either pre-compute a list
> of sectors to read files or load extra driver modules, which
> only have to support reading and which are not kept in RAM.
> Regarding the idea to have the kernel "natively boot from a
> RAMDISK in HIGH MEMORY which would NOT be A: or C: ... Well,
> on modern computers it should not be a problem to "hog" the
> drive letter of the A: floppy drive - you probably have at
> most ONE real floppy next to that ramdisk anyway and letter
> B: is still free :-) So in that sense, MEMDISK is ok for me.

So this is a horribly stale discussion, but it seems that all that is
needed is the ability to hide somewhere a preferred drive letter for the
FreeDOS kernel to pick up and use.  It is trivial to add support for
passing such information along in MEMDISK.


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