smallest allowable blocksize seems to be 4KB,
so I'd like a utility which can check each 4KB.
UMBPCI can do this right now (and even use it),
UMBCHK cannot (16KB only),
Emm386 I'm not sure if it can check in 4KB blocks,
but it can use no smaller than 16KB blocks.
fine by me, but still I'd like to know which blocks are usable in theory.
UMB-list would be a collection of 4KB blocks, and each 4 blocks that directly follow 
can be a UMB for EMM386.

and the pageframe is another story, as you told me: at each even 16KB block.
if UMBPCI didn't crash for me, then I'd know what would be usable exactly.
Maybe I'll try on real machine instead of VMware.

since EMM386 is already an EXE,
perhaps a EMM386 /FIND_USABLE_BLOCKS could be useful, which mimicks UMBCHK, but then
in 4KB blocks.
biggest challenge then is combining the blocks in 16KB chunks in the most optimal way,
especially when user also selects I= and X= ..

wish I could come up with a decent algorythm or real-life example.


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