Michael Devore schreef:

I have no idea what Eudora is doing, the e-mails look okay to me going out with plain style. By the way, your original quote-back was not wrapped and indented, and Bernd's was, so what does that mean?

When replying with your text quoted, I see it as 1 single long line.
When receiving my mail with your long line in it, I see it as multiple lines, each one with a quote-sign before it. Maybe even a problem at my end ("don't wrap quoted text when replying")..
so only problem is in composing.

no problem with HTML mail, except that people like to abuse it, especially with the weak security in Outlook Express.
HTML mail sometimes is very useful (Record store mailings, computer store mailings, etc..)

no big problem.

Sourceforge seems more limited than Topica. I wonder how other mailinglists handle it.
(probably their own mail-server with newer version of the mailinglist software).
-attachments (and size)
-mail archiving and (online/offline)searching options
-Sourceforge archiving troubles - list last indexed on April 4, 2004. 6 weeks ago!!!


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