Hallo Bernd,

if exist c:\32BD\nul deltree c:\32BD
md c:\32BD
cd c:\32BD
copy %winbootdir%\win.com
copy %winbootdir%\system.ini
md c:\32BD\system
cd c:\32BD\system
copy %winbootdir%\system\vmm32.vxd
copy %comspec% krnl386.exe
xcopy %winbootdir%\system\vmm32\*.* vmm32\
xcopy %winbootdir%\system\iosubsys\*.* iosubsys\
cd c:\32BD

What does this file create? A mini-Windows? Unfortunately, whatever it creates, doesn't run even under MS-DOS 7.10. It says "While initializing device VFBACKUP: VFBACKUP could not load VFD.VXD. Please run setup again".


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