17-Ноя-2004 09:14 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Ray) wrote to

R>  I have a small problem. I installed freedos and had all kinds of problems
R> trying to boot up..

     Which ones?

R> I then went back to the freedos site and read (in bold
R> red letters) not to install if I had windowsxp... sigh.

     This is because, when you install FreeDOS bootloader, it overwrites
other OSes bootloader.

R> Now that I have
R> freedos in my system and I have to try various different ways to boot up, How
R> can I correct the problem?

     I don't know which problem you mean, but you may restore XP bootloader
with help of fixmbr and fixboot commands, which available in recovery
console (it should be available, when you boot from your licensed XP CD).

R> Can you please help me?

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